Sensory Play- taster sessions and more…

Our children engage in sensory play daily either in our dedicated sensory room or in their base rooms. Whilst there is a focus on sensory exploration and learning with our under twos, our over twos still enjoy sensory exploration when working with their mentors and with our Art and Music teachers especially.

So, you may well ask why we put such an emphasis on sensorial exploration. Sensory exploration allows young children to make sense of the world around them through meaningful exploration using their five senses, touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. Children EXPLORE I DISCOVER I CREATE and LEARN through sensory play

Butternut and leaf exploration

When we observe young babies learning we note that they explore new objects by mouthing them, effectively learning about their taste. As they get slightly older, they will continue to do this but will start to feel objects more intensely as they explore the texture of objects, learning more things. They will come to shake them a little later listening to the sound they make and checking for example if the sound is different if they knock two such object together to when they bang the object themselves. This progression builds nerve connections in the brain’s pathways which lead to children’s ability to complete more complex learning tasks.

We use open ended materials- that means materials that could be used in a variety of different ways by children, by children of different ages and stages stimulating imagination, problem solving and real exploration and learning possibilities.

Black, white and shiny

Sensory play also supports language development as adults ask questions and add vocabulary and as a child gets older encourage the child to describe what they are experiencing. Sensory play promotes fine and gross motor skills as children use their arms, hands, fingers to explore objects.  This type of play is great for developing memory and problem- solving skills.

There is nothing more calming or soothing than letting sand run through your fingers and just as we would find this type of play soothing so too do young children. Sensory play is both calming and relaxing and so great to engage in with anxious or frustrated children

We are hosting free taster Sensory sessions for mums and babies. Feel free to join us and experience one of these sessions with your child

The sessions are held on Mondays from 10.30 to 11.30 through February and March

Call the nursery on 0203 319 7330 to book a place and avoid disappointment as the sessions get very booked up

Exploring fruit

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