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Christmas Holidays Activity Ideas Day 2

Edible paint is great to use with under twos, who are learning everything through their senses. As it is edible it does not matter that they put it in their mouth to eat or taste. They love being able to make and see the marks they make on paper too.

All you will need is cornflour and food colouring- could not be easier!! It might be an idea to buy a plastic apron to protect your child’s clothes. as this activity can be messy.


Edible Paint:


2 cups of corn flour

1 cup of cold water
4.5 cups of boiling water

Liquid food colouring


Mix the corn flour with the cold water and stir together. Pour in the boiling water and stir between each cup. It goes really strange (you are basically mixing a hot gloop) but keep stirring and it literally seems to “melt” into a wonderful, custard-like consistency. We then separated it into individual jam jars before adding colouring, but you can do it however you like and this is the stage to add colour.

  • Some people have found that the paint remains liquid and doesn’t thicken up as it should. I have no idea why this should be, but I have two possible solutions:
  • Try simply adding up to 1 more cup of cornflour/ corn flour and see if that helps to thicken it.
    2. Try mixing the paint in a pan on a medium heat instead of just in a bowl, as that will help to bring it together.

Do try it as it is LOVELY stuff and babies love it

It is best to put the edible paint in plastic containers particularly if you are going to colour it different colours. You can provide fat paint brushes for your child to use and paper or you can just allow your child to explore the edible paint freely on a table or the floor (protected with plastic sheeting)

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