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Christmas Holidays Activity Ideas Day 3

Cup Cake Baking

Children of all ages love having the opportunity to cook or bake. The age of your child will dictate which part of the activity your child will enjoy the most. Babies under a year will enjoy exploring and tasting the mixture and eating the end product. As they near the one-year age children will also enjoy helping to mix but they may not stick at it for long. As children are reaching the age of two they will begin to enjoy the whole of the activity, but they too might enjoy tasting as they go so expect this. Older children will enjoy “reading” the recipe below with you and will begin to be interested in the changes that occur to the mixture they put into the oven during the baking process.

We need:

 untitled1  butter  112607264_08705072eb  egg  milk


butter sugar egg milk


Baking powder


 bowl  measuringcup  teaspoon  tablespoon
mixing bowl measuring cup teaspoon




weighing scales


How we make the dough:                            

Take 110 grams  butter butter


Add 1 x     measuringcup            112607264_08705072eb     sugar


Mix together    bowl    spoon


Add 2 x   egg and mix in well   bowl      spoon


Add 2 x   measuringcup     untitled1         flour little bit at a time


Add 2/3 of a  measuringcup    milk           milk to the mixture


Mix together   bowl   spoon


Add 3 x  teaspoon bakingpowder-copy    and mix in well


Place in cupcake case        spoon   cupcase2


and then in a baking tray    cupcase                  cupcase1


Bake in the heated oven 190C or 375 F     oven1     for 15   timer   minutes or


until   oevnpic   cooked. Then take them out of the oven carefully using mitts.


Leave to cool .


If you don’t mind your child having the additional sweet fix you could ice the cupcakes together once they are cold and decorate them. Have fun making and eating these together.



You can download a PDF version of this recipe here

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