Wandsworth Preschool and Nursery

Christmas Holidays Activity Ideas Day 4

Sticking Activity

What to do with all of the wrapping paper left over from Christmas?

Save all the offcuts when you are wrapping your presents and in fact save all the paper from the unwrapped presents. For younger children cut it up into different size shapes and place them in a container. Older children may like to cut their own shapes out of paper with child sized scissors.

Lay the cut paper out attractively. Provide PVA glue and spatulas in a small container or a glue stick and paper.


You could add feathers, glitter and bows and stickers to the materials on offer to provide different interesting collage activities for your child. Aprons are a good idea to protect your child’s clothes.

Young children will enjoy pouring the glue, watching it drip, feeling its stickiness and may not be interested in placing anything on to the glued paper. Once a child has explored the stickiness of glue they will begin to add things to the glue to build a collage. Allow your child time and watch and enjoy their learning and creativity


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