Wandsworth Preschool Keeping your child well through winter

Keeping your child well through the winter

Wandsworth Preschool work hard to keep your loved one happy and healthy throughout winter. With cold, winter days fast approaching, the long summer months that we enjoyed only a short while ago already seem a distant memory.

And, with coughs, colds, chills and bugs notoriously being worse during the winter, keeping your kids healthy and well should be a top priority.

Here at The Wandsworth Preschool, we are committed to ensuring that our parents and children always have the information they need to stay fit and healthy during the cold, winter months.

Here’s our helpful guide to keeping your child well through the winter.


Wash your hands

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs is to wash your hands as often as possible, but especially after going to the toilet, touching items in communal areas, or blowing your nose.

You should also lead by example when it comes to teaching your little ones the importance of washing their hands before food.


Wrap up!

When it’s freezing cold outside, there really is nothing better than wrapping up in your chunky knits, hats, scarves and gloves.

However, you should also make sure that your little ones are also warm and snug whilst never overheated  Soon those cold days  pile on the layers, make sure their head and ears are always covered and ensure their toes are warm and toasty with a pair of waterproof boots.  On the milder days reduce the layers.

Opt for waterproof clothing that also traps body heat.



Water is essential for us to function, grow and learn, this is not different to children. In fact, it is even more important for children to stay hydrated as they need more water for their body weight than adults do.

Dehydration can cause tiredness, headaches, lack of concentration, reduced physical and mental performance, dry skin and much more.

Children often don’t recognise what thirst is, making them particularly vulnerable to becoming dehydrated. Wandsworth Preschool ensure hydration is part of your child’s daily routine and is never forgotten about. We hydrate children with natural drinks that are unsweetened and free from additives. Starting in the morning with breakfast, children should have 6-8 drinks per day.


Disposable Tissues

In order to reduce infections in our Wandsworth Preschool, we are extremely hygienic in every aspect of learning.

Young children can be particularly prone to illnesses due to a number of factors:

– They have young immune systems

– Children usually have a higher degree of close contact with others

– Toddlers tend to explore with their hands and mouth

– Children share facilities and equipment at Nursery

– Young ones may not have an understanding of hygiene practices.

At Wandsworth Preschool we ensure children and staff regularly wash their hands. We also encourage both children and staff to cover their nose and mouth with disposable tissues when coughing or sneezing. Once they tissue is used, the tissue should be disposed of and hands should be washed. If bare hands are coughed or sneezed into, we encourage everyone to wash them immediately.



The key to living a healthy lifestyle is to eat well and move more, even during the winter months, when venturing outdoors is enough to send shivers down your spine.

But there are a lot of fun activities that you can enjoy outdoors during the winter that will not only get the whole family moving, but will also blow the cobwebs away and provide the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your little ones.

From sledging through to puddle jumping and long brisk walks, wrap up warm and enjoy the new season.


Disinfecting wipes

Ensuring that you always wipe down surfaces that are frequently touched, such as toys, kitchen benches, car seats and light switches with disinfecting wipes can be a great way of preventing the spread of germs.


Get a good night’s sleep

Lack of sleep can have a huge impact on your children’s  immune system, which puts you at an increased risk of becoming poorly.

So make sure that you and your little ones are getting enough sleep at night. Depending on their age, children should be getting anywhere between 10 to 13 hours a night and adults should be getting at least 6 hours sleep.



Although sharing is caring and we actively encourage all of our children the importance of sharing, they should know not to share items such as water bottles or food, especially if they are poorly.


If you require any further information about how to keep your little ones well this winter, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly staff at Wandsworth Preschool.

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