The Wandsworth Preschool- Performing Art Studio

Our music and performing arts lessons are a core element of our unique curriculum. Whilst many of our children will be more familiar with modern music at The Wandsworth Preschool we focus on classical music, jazz, world music, singing and nursery rhymes.

Our curriculum includes

  • Music recognition
  • Movement
  • Pitch
  • Rhythm
  • Performance
  • Group activities.

We provide a wide range of activities which involve playing percussion instruments and we sing a variety of different songs. Our children learn about composers and how to recognise their particular works. In addition to the many musical activities we plan , we also invite musicians into the nursery to perform for our children and,  take them out on trips to hear musicians perform music specifically for their age groups.

The Performing Art Studio is used for music and movement to music, drama and dance.

We are fortunate at The Wandsworth Preschool that the studio is spacious, with a mirrored ballet bar, stage and sufficient space to move about freely. Our music teacher is able to play the electronic keyboard at a high level and is also a qualified dance teacher and a former gymnast. Our children experience both music played to and for them on the keyboard as well as a wide range of pre-recorded music that is available on our Sonos system.

Parents are invited to join in and watch their children perform at least twice a year. This helps children build confidence, self -esteem and prepares them for performing at school assemblies and school plays.

Our Address

2 Knightley Walk Wandsworth London SW18 1GZ

Our Registered Address

2 Knightley Walk Wandsworth London SW18 1GZ

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