The Wandsworth Preschool- Visual Art Studio

The Visual Art Studio is designed to provide children with a wide range of opportunities to explore materials, try out different artistic techniques and be as creative as they want to be. We provide a wide range of exciting, age appropriate artistic materials relating to the work the children are doing at any given time and encourage them to use it freely to express themselves.

Our ‘Artists of the Moment’ projects are planned by our qualified Art Teachers. They focus on the children’s interests and examine the work of particular artists, introducing the children to their individual styles and the stories of their lives. We focus on the work of modern artists because their works resonate with young children. It isn’t long until our children come to recognise the distinctive work of particular artists. Through these projects we introduce different styles of art, including sculpture, weaving, painting, drawing, print and the creation of installations to name but a few. Activities focus on a wide range of skills which involve

  • The development of both fine motor and gross motor skills
  • Art fundamentals such as colour, line, shape, form
  • Texture and art appreciation.

The art studio can be a quiet place where children are listening to appropriate music whilst being creative or it can be a place filled with happy noise as children work together on a collaborative creation.

The nurseries annual Art Exhibition is a highlight and will include works by all of the children in the nursery which are sold with the proceeds going to Wandsworth preschool’s chosen charity.

Our Address

2 Knightley Walk Wandsworth London SW18 1GZ

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2 Knightley Walk Wandsworth London SW18 1GZ

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