School Preparation

We don’t like to think that everything we do is about preparing children for school. However,  through always working towards their next stage of development we are nurturing them towards these next steps. Our process of ensuring we meet and exceed the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and delivering our own unique curriculum covering Performing and Visual Arts, Sport, Early Years and Discovery , we are preparing children for school and for life.

Good early education ensures children grow and develop at their own pace, are healthy, secure, feel safe and always supports children in their preparations for their next steps, including going to school. At The Wandsworth Preschool we develop an individual plan for each child to foster their development. These plans are based on their own unique needs, talents, abilities, and interests, while always bearing in mind their future readiness for school.

School preparedness includes all of the following:

We aim to develop self-confidence, self-belief and independence. We encourage the development of independence from a young age, so that children learn to feed themselves, pour their own drinks, make food, dress themselves and make other choices.. They learn to follow instructions, take turns, to share, and sit for periods of time and concentrate. Key life skills for the future.

We introduce children to letters and sounds so that they can recognise letters, their names and some key words.. We teach children to write letters and words such as their names. Those that can, may be able to read words and sentences

Mathematics is also a key skill at The Wandsworth Preschool. Children learn to recognise numerals, to count and how to do simple addition and subtraction using real objects in daily routines and in play-based activities. They are introduced to language of size and shape.

We provide interesting opportunities and exciting resources for children to EXPLORE | DISCOVER | CREATE and LEARN.