Wandsworth Preschool and Nursery

How we select our staff at the Wandsworth Preschool



The most important thing we look for when interviewing potential staff is their passion for working with children. We look for staff who really care about being in nurseries and fostering the growth and development of the children in their care. Having a positive approach and being flexible are also important personal traits.


Qualifications are important too. We only employ staff who are qualified at Level 3 or above to work in our nursery rooms and all of our teachers need to have a degree in their relevant subject area. That said it is not just about having qualifications it is about being able to use the knowledge gained whilst training practically in our nurseries. For example, our staff need to really know and understand the stages of child development and how to apply that knowledge when planning and implementing activities for individual children in our care. Staff who are reflective practitioners and are keen to continue learning and developing have a place in the Wandsworth Preschool family.


Our recruitment process involves pre-interview screening, in person interviews, trial sessions working with children in our nurseries, DBS (formerly CRB) checking and the taking up of at least two good references prior to a potential member of staff joining one of our teams. Newly recruited staff are mentored through a three month probationary period when they join us so that we can ensure they know and understand our policies and procedures and can implement our unique curriculum. We continue to work closely with and support our staff, providing on going training and mentoring to ensure that they continue to grow and develop in their roles. Our aim is always for good staff to remain with us and progress up the career ladder.


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