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Settling your child into nursery

At The Wandsworth Preschool, we understand that starting nursery is an exciting time full of new experiences for both children and their families. But it can also be an anxious time, as daily routines change and children take their first major step away from their parents.

Every child has their own personality and, until they are in a nursery environment, it can be hard to know exactly how they will respond to new people, surroundings, and separation. There are, however, a number of steps you can take to make the process as stress-free and enjoyable for your child as possible.

How can you help your child settle in?

  • Get accustomed to spending time apart

Separation can be difficult for children, so it can be beneficial to help your child become accustomed to spending time without you before starting nursery. Whether that’s with a family member or a trusted friend, leaving them for short periods of time can help ease the initial separation anxiety.

  • Stay positive

Have positive conversations with your child about nursery, discussing the fun activities they will be involved in, and how        they will make great new friends.

  • Provide comfort and support

During the initial settling period, if your child cries, remember it is completely natural. Continue to comfort and support your child, reassuring them it will be a great day and you’ll be back to collect them soon. Remain calm and positive as children pick up instinctively when their parents are stressed and this can affect their own responses.

  • Reflect on the day together

When your child comes home from nursery, make time to discuss all the activities your child enjoyed doing that day having had detailed feedback from our staff team. Approach each discussion with a positive attitude.

  • Work with the nursery staff

Build a partnership with the staff at The Wandsworth Preschool. It is important, so you can both work together to make sure your child is as comfortable as possible.

How The Wandswoth Preschool can help

As well as taking positive steps as a parent or guardian, the nursery itself will also have a settling in process, this will ensure the transition is as smooth as possible for both you and your little one. At The Wandsworth Preschool, we use our settling in process as a time for our mentors to build a bond with you and your child, so we can support you both each step of the way.

What will the settling in process involve?

  • We prefer the first visit of the settling in process to be inyour home, this way we can be in familiar surroundings to your child as we get to know them. We can also go through our policies and procedures with you, answering any questions you may have.


  • You and your child will come into the nursery to have an hour to yourselves with the team and get to know the environment. Your child’s mentor will prepare some activities they think they will enjoy after gathering information from the first visit.


  • Next you will spend a short period of time with your child and their mentor at The Wandsworth Preschool. Once they feel settled, you will leave them with their mentor, where you will be able to watch how they play and respond via our CCTV in a separate


  • Over the next two visits, your child will spend longer times in the room with their mentor and enjoy a meal with us before they officially begin nursery. Once they have managed three hours with us, they are usually ready to start a full day of nursery.


  • Throughout our settling in process, we ask you to stay at the premises, just in case your child needs extra reassurance. Your child’s mentor will continually support them throughout, whilst giving them time to play alone and make friends when they’re ready.


We find our settling in process works extremely well for children and can tailor it to suit both you and your child, ensuring you feel comfortable and happy. Enjoy this exciting chapter with your child and feel free to share your experience with our staff and ask them any questions you might have – we want to make your child’s nursery experience the best it can be.

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