Sports, Dance & Yoga

The Wandsworth Preschool recognises the needs for children to have regular physical activity alongside the other curricular activities that are planned for our children. The establishment of good habits, such as taking part in sport in young children leads to healthy lifestyle choices in later life.

Dance, Yoga and Sports sessions led by a qualified teachers and coaches are part of the weekly activities we provide for our children over the age of two at no extra cost. Our Discoverers (secure walkers up to two years of age) also get the opportunity to take part in the yoga activities.

Well planned physical activities introduce the children to and cement several key skills and have the following benefits.

• Developing physical skill such as large motor co-ordination, spatial awareness and balance

• Developing articular skills such as throwing and catching and kicking

• Being able to move freely, exploring space and using excess energy

• Providing an opportunity for learning to and following simple instructions building to a

• Providing an opportunity to work as an individual and to take part in small and large group activities.

• Building of self- esteem and self- confidence and a sense of achievement and self- worth

• Creating healthy life- style choices