Technology is an important and integral part of everyday life. The current generation of young children have been born into a technological world that is progressing at an incredible pace, that is showing no signs of slowing down and will become a key part of their futures.

At The Wandsworth Nursery & Preschool we use technology to help support our children’s learning and development. We believe that it is important that children over the age of two learn how to properly use technology and include its use in our curriculum.

We implement the use of technology across our early year learning programme. This includes the use of tablets and touch screen TVs to help teach our children, letters and sounds for literacy, and numbers and shapes for mathematics. They are also a great tool to use when showing children the works of artists, and to illustrate artistic concepts such as colour that staff might be talking with the children about.

Our touch screens are a great place for children to practice air writing and letter formation using their whole bodies. Use of technology is for age appropriate lengths of time and for a purpose. If used appropriately the use of technology ignites curiosity and promotes problem solving skills.