Welcoming Dr Laura David

Dr Laura David MBChB BSc MRCS

WE are delighted that Dr Laura David will be joining our team of expert bloggers. Dr Laura will be writing child- health related articles regularly for us. She will provide information about matters of interest to parents of young children, answering the questions that all parents find themselves asking from time to time, those questions that niggle, but you might not want to trouble you busy GP with but that you would like answers to.

Dr Laura David works in General Practice in North London and is a mother of two young girls. She qualified from The University of Manchester Medical School in 2009 and since then has worked in several London Hospitals and GP practices. She has a wealth of experience in Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, A and E, as well as General Medicine and General Surgery. She started her business ‘Smart About Health’ in 2018, running bespoke health education workshops for parents and parents-to-be in organisations, corporations and privately. To find out more contact laura@smartabouthealth.co.uk or go to www.smartabouthealth.co.uk  

If there are child- health related topics that you would like Dr Laura to cover please email anne.sheldon@londonpreschool.co.uk. and we will do our best to cover your requested topic.

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