Bank holiday with kids in Wandsworth

What to do on the bank holiday with the children in Wandsworth?

With the August bank holiday coming up, the question us parents find ourselves asking is: what’s the best thing to do with the kids in Wandsworth? That’s why The Wandsworth Preschool has put together a neat little guide to help you find something that will keep you and your kids entertained this bank holiday. We’ve included a range of ideas that suit both indoor and outdoor activities – so no matter what the weather is actually like on the day, you can be sure to experience a bank holiday kids will enjoy.

Picnic in the park 

There are various parks in Wandsworth and our favourites include:

  • Wandsworth Park
    This spacious green park offers tranquil riverside with passing boats, walks along tree-lined paths with seasonal flower displays, sports areas, play areas, a cafe and putting green. 

  • King George’s Park
    This area is home to an adventure playground, ornamental gardens and a large lake. King George’s Park in Wandsworth is a great place to spend your bank holiday with the kids as there are plenty of places to roam and explore and there’s sport pitches, a bowling green and tennis courts.

  • Wandsworth Common
    A large sweeping landscape offering woods, lakes, an adventure playground, a café and plenty of sports facilities for those who enjoy bowles and tennis.

Putting together your picnic

Once you’ve decided which park in Wandsworth you’d like to go to for August bank holiday with the little ones, why not get your kids involved in the food preparation for your picnic?

Here are some picnic snack ideas:

  • Fruit salad – once you’ve cut up the ingredients, have your child place them in an airtight box and have them squeeze the lemon over the fruit to preserve.

  • Cheese and onion rolls – if you’re making these from scratch, have your child place the filling on the pastry and roll them.

  • Sandwiches – get your favourite fillings and let your child place the fillings on top of the bread.

  • Banana muffins – children love making muffins – get the ingredients ready and let them mix away!

Having kids help out in the kitchen can give them a sense of accomplishment, which will boost their self-confidence and encourage them to help again in the future, so encouraging them is always a good idea.

Outdoor activities

Have a garage full of tennis rackets, kites, water pistols? Why not dust them off and plan an outdoor bank holiday the kids will remember.

  • Teach your child to fly a kite – the weather is always unpredictable but if on the bank holiday there’s sun and a calm breeze, you’ll be enjoying kite flying in no time at all.

  • Have sack races with the kids – nothing gets kids laughing more than sack jumping races! Set a start and finish line, and on your marks, get set… GO!

  • Play ring toss – if you have a traditional ring toss outdoor game set, don’t forget to pop it in the boot, games like these are not only fun for all the family but also a great way to improve your child’s hand-eye coordination.

  • Pack water pistols (and some water to refill) – if the forecast looks like it’s going to be a hot bank holiday in Wandsworth. It’s a fun activity that’ll help the family to cool down, but don’t forget to reapply sunscreen!

  • Putt in the Park – situated in the picturesque Wandsworth Park, this 12-hole golf course is a lovely day trip out with the kids. It’s £10 for adults, £8 for kids under 15, free for kids under three years or £30 for a family of four. With a café on-site, you needn’t bring your lunch boxes as they have a range of hot and cold sandwiches, snacks and drinks to enjoy. 

Indoor activities

Should your August bank holiday in London be a wet one, you’ll be glad you had a backup plan. We’ve got a list of some really fun things to do with the kids below.

  • Flip Out! – London’s largest trampoline park, Flip Out Wandsworth is a great opportunity for the whole family to get active this bank holiday. With a huge area measuring over 3530m2 you can enjoy trampolines, go-karts, under 5’s play area and three giant inflatables. There’s even parent and baby yoga for parents with kids of varying ages!

  • Build a den – don’t feel like going out? Grab all of the blankets, move some furniture and build a den with the kids. Pitching up a den is great fun and a chance for your kids to get creative. With the addition of snacks and a film, you can have a great day indoors.

  • Baking – making delicious treats on a rainy day is bound to put a smile on those little faces. You could try making cake pops – they’re small, easy to make, and the best part is adding the icing and decoration which your children can enjoy for hours on the bank holiday.

  • Board games – don’t forget about the box of board games, card games and jigsaw puzzles that you can enjoy as a family on a bank holiday. Games like Connect Four and Jenga are always fun to pick up and play too.

  • Get crafty – set out some old newspapers on a table, crack out the paints and find some large pebbles from the garden and get creative with the kids! For a really clear design, pebbles can be painted entirely white first, and you can use marker pens too if it’s easier.

The Wandsworth Preschool

We hope you have found enough activities that will provide entertainment for all the family this August bank holiday in London. At The Wandsworth Preschool, we’re here to help parents and their children thrive both inside and outside preschool, because we have a passion for excellence and innovation in child care and education.

If you’d like to know more about who we are, contact The Wandsworth Preschool today or request a brochure – we’d love to hear from you.